Bacon the Cookbook: What You Think!

It has been exactly 2 months since Bacon the Cookbook was published. With all of the complications of a global pandemic, travel and mail suspensions related to new variants, and then Brexit!

Those books have had quite the journey to get to your kitchens, and I am delighted they are there. It has been a joy to see your shares on social media. Please keep them coming! 

Please indulge me while I share some and thank you for your support. Please continue to tag me when you share on social media! 


Oisín Davis says, and this made me laugh, and beam from ear to ear "she puts the craic into cooking. Her latest offering is a prime example and I’d highly recommend it. “Bacon, The Cookbook” is filled with recipes that are vibrant, super tasty and most importantly, fun to both cook and eat. I’m currently devouring my third helping of her bacon mac & cheese and have a contented grin on my mug that can only be brought on by supreme comfort food and crispy, cheddar smothered rashers. There are so many other recipes I’m dying to get stuck into and as she says herself in the intro, “I focused instead on ideas that were more in line with my view of the world through bacon goggles.” Not suitable for vegans or the craictose intolerant."

Maple Bacon Rolls 

from @le_cafetier on instagram, who loved these and - full disclosure! is my cousin - but how could I exclude this wonderful photograph?!

Chicken, Bacon & Cider Pie

Hot Dinners loved it! "Got delivery of @eatlikeagirl's new book, Bacon The Cookbook last week from which this is the first recipe we tried - chicken, bacon pie and cider pie. So freaking delicious - and easy to make."

I am mostly thrilled to see beginner cooks smash my recipes, because they are intended to be inclusive and for every level of cook. Jason says: "I made my FIRST EVER PIE tonight! It was soooooooo good, especially on this cold night! And if I can do it, anyone can! Thanks @eatlikeagirl"


"Ever had bacon cured ribs? Ribs yesterday, ribs today! Red-eye bacon ribs from the book Bacon by @eatlikeagirl. The marinade and sauce is a mix of coffee, chipotles, cider vinegar and molasses sugar. Goodness me, these were unreal!".


@gkxyyz aka Gavan has also been cooking through the book.

"Been baking from @eatlikeagirl #BaconTheCookbook again 🥓 Is it becoming my lockdown floatation device? Maybe 🤷🏻‍♂️ In the meantime here is Bacon Sausage Bread from the book. Wonderfully brioche-like enriched bread stuffed with seasoned sausage and bacon. Pull up a chair- brunch is served. Oh yes- this is a keeper!"

@thegourmetgays loved it too! 

Bacon Krispie Marshmallow Bars

Back to Gavan for these "Bacon Krispie Marshmallow Bars from the pages of #BaconTheCook by @eatlikeagirl Darn these bars are addictive- what have you unleashed!?!"

Cheesy Bacon and Tomato Turnovers

Lockdown brunching does not get much better than this, thanks to "Bacon The Cookbook" by Niamh Shields (of @eatlikeagirl fame) and her delicious Cheesy Bacon and Tomato Turnovers, we polished 6 of these babies off in a single sitting!

Bacon The Cookbook is a stunner, packed with easy to follow, delicious recipes that pay homage to everyone's favourite ingredient - think Maple bacon rolls, Bacon sausage bread, Stout and treacle bacon jam, Boozy bacon clams and more... and yes, it is BACON!

With gorgeous photography and artwork, Bacon The Cookbook is chocka with doable recipes for the home cook over a number of chapters - I love the sections on "Feel-Good Comfort Food" and "Bacon is Sweet" where Niamh explores the use of candied bacon for original desserts (I have my eyes on her Butter Toffee with Candied Bacon and Chocolate, yes!), other chapters include Bacon Brunch, Bacon Bites, Feeding Friends, Bacon BBQ, Bacon Curing and Bacon Pantry. You are bound to find a bacon recipe here to try, I found many!

Best of all, this cookbook has been written, produced and published completely independently by Niamh Shields - I have been following her self-publishing venture for the last two years and I can tell you, Niamh has put her life and soul into this project, and what an incredible book she has to show for it now. Support your independent authors, go to and purchase your copy of Bacon The Cookbook folks, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Niamh's Cheesy Bacon and Tomato Turnovers took me about 5-10 minutes to put together using everyday ingredients I already had in my fridge. They turned out so good, I cannot wait to have them again and try some of the other recipes too.

This is a small selection. Have a look for #BaconTheCookbook on social media. 

I am so delighted - thank you!