The books have finally arrived!

The books have finally arrived!

The books have finally arrived! 

They are finally here but they kept me on my toes the whole time. There were so many problems getting the books from Italy to the UK.

First the truck broke down, delaying the arrival at Calais. Then the ports shut. Finally the books arrived in London, but they brought them to the wrong place.

A day later they got them to me but the truck tail lift broke and they also forgot the forklift which I had booked and paid for. An emergency forklift was sourced and the books were offloaded. I spent the day dismantling pallets and getting the books safe in their storage unit. 

I shared a video of the books arrival here:

The next step is to get these packaged and posted to you. Most of you will be aware of the situation in the UK right now and the fact that international mail is temporarily suspended because of the Covid variant situation. As soon as this is backup I will ship international orders. I am working over Christmas. 

Many of you will know that while this is not my first book, it is my first time publishing one. I have booked a Royal Mail collection for UK orders tomorrow (my third one, third time lucky!). There are some quite severe issues with Royal Mail delays, including services from Royal Mail to business customers like myself.

I bought a thermal label printer to process the orders as fast as possible. The printer arrived just fine but the labels have not despite them being sent twice and the fact that I called every day for a week to enquire. Things are extremely busy and very delayed at Royal Mail and all delivery services right now with people posting more than normal but also with staff self isolating etc. 

I am going to try our local sorting office tomorrow and see if they have labels they can give me on advice I received on the phone today. They also told me they have run out of thermal labels at Royal Mail which is why I suspect I don't have any. I ordered back up labels online but these have not arrived either. 

Suffice to say I am working as hard and as fast as I can to get these to you. There is lots I can't control unfortunately which makes it that bit harder. 

What I can control is getting you extra festive bacon recipes which I plan to do once the delivery is gone tomorrow. If I manage to sort the label issue! Either way I will be packing the books so that they are good to go as soon as I can. The recipes will be fun and very tasty and I can't wait to send them to you. 

I really appreciate your patience. I have been updating regularly across all of my social media, but I understand that there are some new people here who weren't following before. 

When your book is shipped you will get a notification straight away.