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Bacon the Cookbook

Bacon the Cookbook

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I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that Bacon the Cookbook was shortlisted for Irish Cookbook of the Year at the Irish Food Writing Awards. 

I am delighted to announce a second edition of Bacon the Cookbook. The content of the book itself has not changed - except for one recipe - so what is the difference? There are 26 new pages of illustrations, photos and new pages for YOU at the back for your notes and recipes.

All copies bought here will be signed by me and this is currently the only place where you can get the second edition.



You thought you knew everything about Bacon? Think again!

Bacon the Cookbook is here to brighten your days with over 80 recipes that showcase the best that bacon can be. Smash your Bacon Brunch with Bacon Sausage Bread or Bacon Ricotta Pancakes with Maple Apples and Sage. Indulge in lots of tasty Bacon Bites for netflix binges or you know, just because. How can you resist Cheesy Bacon and Tomato Turnovers or Beer Battered Bacon with Chipotle Mayonnaise?

There is a whole chapter dedicated to Comfort Food because don't we all need it so much right now, and anyway? Bacon Mac & Cheese is calling your name, and you know you can hear it. Feed Friends epic platters of or make yourself a Chicken, Bacon and Cider Pie (it's so good!) or Roast Chipotle Cola Bacon Slab. is not just for summer, and you know that! You also know it can be just for Bacon. You love Piri Piri Chicken? But, you have yet to have Bacon Piri Piri Chicken! That must be rectified.

On to the best and most surprising, the Bacon Sweets. Candied Bacon Fudge is yet to make your acquaintance but you will be firm friends. Candied Bacon Flapjacks too! We will stock your Bacon Pantry so that you too can have homemade Bacon Hot Sauce, Candied Bacon Salt and Bacon Jam.

What's left to do? Cure your own with a foolproof guide! It is so easy. Bacon chops and ribs are in your future, if only you will let them in.

The books from this limited print run are all signed by the author, and when they are gone, they are gone!

Practicalities: Bacon The Cookbook is a high quality print hardback printed on recyclable FSC certified paper with a scratchproof matt hardback cover. There are 256 pages packed with over 80 detailed and easy to follow recipes with lots of illustrations and photos. From the everyday to the unexpected. Always delicious! 


PLEASE DON'T WORRY ABOUT IMPORT DUTIES FOR IRELAND - books are zero VAT in Ireland and the UK so no VAT or import duties will be charged. So, no need to worry. Embrace the bacon joy :) (Other products are not zero VAT and may incur import charges).

In other countries there may be an import charge, depending on your countries specific rules. 

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