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Eat Like a Girl Zoom Cooking School - Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking Club - How to Make Your Gluten and Dairy Free Food Taste GREAT

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Join me for my new 2.5 hour Gluten and Dairy Free Cooking Club on the evening of Wednesday 25th May from 6pm to 8.30pm UK time.

Let's make hump day a happy and a very tasty day!

You can look forward to a fun and friendly 2.5 hour midweek cooking class delivered over zoom by me. Classes are designed to educate and enjoy.

Those of us with restrictions can struggle. We don't have to, and we no longer will. Food with restrictions doesn't have to be complicated either, just a little more clever, and no less delicious. I have done the ground work, and I am delighted to share my recipes and techniques with you.

If you prefer to attend quietly with your camera off, that is fine, otherwise they can be quite social! Classes cost £20 for 2.5 hours. I will always offer some free places to those on low incomes or unemployed. Please email me about these at hello at eatlikeagirl dot com.

You will be sent a shopping list and the recipes in advance of the class, along with a list of pots, pans etc that you will need for the session. 

Kids are most welcome once accompanied by an adult, please just let me know. One ticket for the two of you, of course!

What you can look forward to

I am going to start with some of my comfort food favourites. Often with our restrictions we can't just pop out to the takeaway because of risks of cross-contamination. So we are starting with some of my favourite fried things and an excellent crowd pleasing sweet.

Everything is gluten and dairy free, of course. There is some confusion sometimes about eggs being dairy, but they are not. So, these classes may include eggs FYI.

- the gluten-free fried chicken that your friends will try to nick from your plate (because because because because because! IT'S TOO GOOD!)

- fried sausage stuffed flatbread pockets

- jumbo prawn toasts

- squidgy gorgeous chocolate brownies

Can't wait to cook with you!

Places are non-refundable but will be offered to the waiting list (if there is one) at which point they would be refunded if someone else were to purchase it.