Bacon The Cookbook

You thought you knew everything about Bacon? Think again!

From Bacon Brunch to Comfort Food, Bacon Bites, Feeding Friends, BBQ, Bacon Sweets (yes!) to stocking your Bacon Pantry and Curing Your Own, everything you ever needed to know and wanted to eat is in here.

All books are signed and sent with a Bacon Postcard and Notecard which can be used to write a message if being sent as a gift, or for your own notes, or as a bookmark.

For more details have a look at the Bacon the Cookbook page

By request, retail rates are also available! Please email me on hello at eatlikeagirl dot com for more information and to arrange.

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Why get Bacon the Cookbook when you can get Bacon the Cookbook AND a Bacon the Cookbook Tote Bag?

Bacon the Cookbook tote bags are beautiful, yes, but also high quality, roomy, strong and practical. Fairtrade and made from ethically sourced organic cotton. 

£12 each normally, get your tote for £10 when you buy it together with the book. Numbers are limited.


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